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development team lead • full-stack web developer

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development team lead • full-stack web developer

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  • Disney Streaming Services (Disney+)

    Senior Software Engineer Technical Lead

    Aug 2020 – present
    • Technical lead for Web Client Architecture team, serving as one of seven leads on the 50-developer Disney+ web app team. Tackle broad topics including overall architecture for the app and testing strategies and deployment; create proposals and implementations and collaborate with the full team to refine and ship major improvements to the app. Implemented Continuous Delivery and browser-based automated tests. Redesigned Node.js server-side code and refactored client-side startup logic. Wrote library to mock network calls and create fully controlled, isolated tests. Web app provides browser-based access to all features of the Disney+ streaming service, supporting over 70 million subscribers.
    • Analyzed team workflow and identified opportunities for improvement. Wrote proposals to improve software quality, developer productivity, and efficient delivery of features. Collaborate with the vice president of software engineering, web app and DevOps teams to implement plans.
  • Walt Disney Imagineering

    Senior Software Developer

    Dec 2015 – Aug 2020
    • Led a team of 12 people (seven developers, two quality analysts, one UX designer, one project manager and one business analyst) building a search engine for over one million media assets. Conducted code reviews, ran dailies and Agile sprint planning and retrospectives. Served as product owner for stakeholders representing general Imagineers and digital archivists. New app is more than 10x faster than previous app. Set new standards for software quality involving unit and automated tests and CI/CD that are now used as a department-wide model.
    • Represented web developers on internal code review committee. Set software quality standards for the Imagineering Technology Studio.
    • Created serverless APIs to support kiosks at six attractions in Disneyland and Disney World where guests share photos and videos via email, Facebook or Twitter. Replaced older system that suffered from capacity and throughput problems with new system that supplies limitless scale and has processed media for millions of park guests since 2018. Included new live system status dashboard and analytics charts.
    • Built internal web app for resource planning. New app is over 10x faster than previous process, saving managers hundreds of hours of time.
    • Designed API to allow guests to save their interactions across Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land built for Disneyland and Disney World.
    • Built image analysis and automated tests management web app for 3D graphics engine used in the attraction Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.
    • Developed “Indiana Jones Adventure – The Gifts of Mara” game for Play Disney Parks app, rated 4.7 out of 5 in the App Store.
  • Node.js Project

    Core Collaborator

    Apr 2018 – present
  • CoffeeScript Project


    Jul 2016 – present
  • Trailer Park

    Technical Lead

    Oct 2014 – Dec 2015
    • Led a team of four developers to build, a site for the fictional Jurassic World theme park. Created optimized single-page app visited by over 6 million people in 2015, including 300,000 in a single day, without downtime. Designed site architecture and implemented responsive design, analytics tracking, social sharing, SVG icons and templates, animated widgets, zoomable map, video and localization. Realistically simulated park capacity, attraction wait times and monorail schedule.
    • Led a team of four developers to build custom content management system web app for new Designed site architecture of two single-page apps, a public-facing site and an administrative content management site. Admin pages include drag-and-drop flexible page sections and galleries, authentication, and validation of media dimensions before upload. Agile project with behavior-driven tests.
  • Film Finances

    Director of Production

    Feb 2013 – Jul 2014
    • Supervised the productions of bonded independent films including American Hustle, Fury, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and Passengers.
    • Built web app to track productions’ progress, including interactive graphs, location maps and image galleries.
  • New Regency Productions

    Software Developer

    Dec 2012 – Feb 2013
    • Built web app where users can upload folders of files and the app finds and replaces sets of text pairs across Word and Excel documents.
    • Wrote guidelines for digital asset management and document security, used by film productions including Birdman and The Revenant.
  • Film and Television Projects

    Producing Team

    May 2002 – Dec 2012
    • Part of producing team for dozens of films and television shows, including Academy Award Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave; Academy Award-nominated Thirteen and Wanted; Emmy-winning The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements and Emmy-nominated Blue Bloods and Damages.


  • Languages: JavaScript/Node.js (core collaborator), Python, CoffeeScript (project leader), BASH, CSS, Sass, Stylus, HTML.
  • Frameworks: Vue, Meteor (contributor), React, Ember, Backbone, Express, Serverless, AWS Lambda, WordPress, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Technologies: Docker, Docker Compose, Terraform, AWS, S3, ECS, EC2, SQS, RDS, API Gateway, LocalStack, Google Cloud, MongoDB, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Confluence, Google Analytics, Google Maps API, Handlebars, D3, Facebook/Twitter sharing, WebdriverIO, Cucumber, TestCafe, Puppeteer.
  • Methodologies: Agile/Scrum project management. DevOps including continuous integration/continuous deployment. Responsive design. Test-driven development.


  • Columbia University. School of the Arts Masters.
  • Cornell University. College of Arts & Sciences Bachelors.
Jurassic World An award-winning website for a record-breaking movie. Designed as an in-world website to help plan your visit to the world’s premier theme park, has been visited by over 6 million people, including over 300,000 in a single day; with over 30 million pageviews so far. The responsive site features an interactive zoomable map, touch-friendly image galleries, HD video, and animated widgets powered by data models that simulate realistic park capacity, attraction wait times and a live monorail schedule. The site received a cameo in Lego Jurassic World and inspired a real theme park. All built on an architecture strong enough to withstand trailer releases, the film’s opening weekend, and the day the site was featured on the front page of Reddit.
Production Tracking This web app was designed as a faster, more convenient and mobile-friendly interface to a remotely-hosted FileMaker database.
Stephen King: “The Basement” This website is an interactive game to promote the Stephen King murder-mystery book Mr. Mercedes. Users explore seven web-based “desktops” that simulate the computers used by the killer in the book, unlocking achievements and discovering clues about the book’s mystery.
Replacer This web app was created to provide a faster way to create the sets of documents, mostly contracts, needed at the start of a new project. A set of files are kept as templates, revised as policies and legal language change; and when each new project begins, the set is uploaded to Replacer to be filled in with the new project’s specifics.
Piano Adventures international sites A new content management system and new design was required to handle the bilingual demands of Piano Adventures’ Chinese and Spanish-language sites.
Middlemarch Middlemarch is a film production company specializing in documentaries and educational films. They wanted a website that would show off their body of work in a captivating way. This was achieved with an interactive checkerboard, where hovering over thumbnails slides out films’ titles.
Marquee: Theaters and Showtimes Search Engine Emerging Pictures, a chain of over 500 art cinemas, needed a search engine so that users could find theaters near them and see those cinemas’ titles and showtimes. Since launch in 2010, the site has averaged over 350,000 visitors per year.
Locations Map and Gallery I have created variations of this app over the years to show information geographically, from potential new offices in New York to filming locations for 12 Years a Slave around New Orleans, from locations for the TV series Blue Bloods to research into historical locations for the film True Story.
Voice Survey This web survey made possible a university research project into voice teachers’ relative knowledge about different types of singing.
Degrees of IMDb Like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, except that this app connects any two people or companies on the Internet Movie Database, within two degrees of separation. It was built for the company Film Finances to answer the question “who do we know who knows X?”